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Euro handicap betting, also known as half-ball handicap betting, is a crucial concept for experienced sports bettors in football betting. Therefore, players must constantly update their knowledge and stay informed about the latest trends. By understanding Euro handicap betting, bettors can increase their chances of winning significantly. Here are three effective tips for Euro handicap betting.

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What is Euro handicap betting?

Euro handicap betting is another term for half-ball handicap betting. You can easily find this type of bet on the bookmakers' betting boards. Unlike Asian handicap betting or total goals betting, you don't need to focus on the handicap odds. Instead, you simply choose one of three possibilities: win, lose, or draw.

How to calculate winnings in Euro handicap betting

Euro handicap betting always offers three betting options for players with relatively high winning odds of 33.333%.

Winnings = Amount of bet x Betting odds (odd) for the chosen betting option. Losses occur when you place a bet on the opposite outcome.

Euro handicap betting is simpler and easier to play compared to Asian handicap betting in terms of technical aspects. You don't have to select specific odds because the outcome solely depends on how the game unfolds.

In Euro handicap betting, players only need to accurately predict which team will ultimately win or choose the winning team in a specific half. Euro handicap betting is simply about guessing which side will win, without considering the scoreline or the adjusted odds provided by the bookmakers.

Common Misconceptions about Euro Handicap Betting and Asian Handicap Betting

Some people often confuse the concept of Euro handicap betting with other types of bets, especially Asian handicap betting. However, each type of bet has its own distinct characteristics, so players must always be cautious.

Number of betting options

There are only three types of bets available for Euro handicap betting: Win, Lose, and Draw. Despite the lower winning probability, the betting options are relatively straightforward.

Timing of appearance

Currently, all these types of bets can be found on the bookmakers' odds boards. However, Asian handicap betting is derived from Euro handicap betting and has been modified to be more suitable. Therefore, there may be variations in the timing of appearance between these two types of bets.

European bookmakers have offered Euro handicap betting for a long time, while Asian handicap betting was introduced to provide a fair comparison of the teams' abilities.

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Placing the bet and betting odds

On the odds board, Euro handicap betting is displayed along with the betting odds. This means that if you place a bet on selection B with odds of 1.9, you will receive your stake plus winnings (B x 1.9 + B) if you win. The winning odds are typically 33.33%, and Euro handicap bets often have higher winning odds.

Essential factors when betting on Euro handicap

Studying match data is a crucial component of making successful bets. Gathering all the necessary data to make informed choices is vital, especially for experienced players.

To make appropriate bets on Euro handicap, players can only choose the appropriate stake by observing the match results. Therefore, the initial information to focus on should be the head-to-head history. Other relevant information includes performance, playing abilities, team lineups, and more.

You need to have knowledge about the disparity in strength between the two teams when using Euro handicap betting. Also, consider the winning percentage of each team in their previous six matches. By doing so, you can determine which team is stronger and place suitable bets.

Effective Tips for Playing Euro Handicap Betting

Once players understand the concept of what Euro handicap betting is, knowing some tips becomes crucial. Therefore, the following tips should not be overlooked.

Check the odds board

If you're having difficulty placing a bet, you can check the odds board from the bookmakers to see which team is leading. The stronger the advantage, the heavier the handicap. Therefore, you have every reason to choose the mentioned team when betting on the handicap.

Place appropriate stakes

A skilled player knows how to control their betting funds. Limit your bets according to your financial capability. Understand your financial situation and adjust your stakes accordingly.

Limit placing bets on a single selection or accumulator bets. Regularly check your account to see if you're winning or losing. Also, determine your stopping point.

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Choose the right timing

According to betting experts, to have a higher chance of winning, players need to know when to place their bets. The best timing is usually three to five minutes before the match starts.

Bookmakers are often shrewd, providing various strategies that make it challenging for participants to secure rewards. The odds will fluctuate until the game begins. Therefore, placing your bet close to the game start time reduces the risk of being affected by false odds.

The information about Euro handicap betting above has been filtered according to current trends in playing. Players can refer to and choose the best direction for themselves. Good luck!


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