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I am delighted in the fact you have taken an interest in Church LYFE.  I pray that God leads you to be our guest at one of our services.  I am confident that you will find the presence of God in a warm and loving atmosphere. 

I discovered that many people go into church similar to the way they go see a movie.  They walk into a building and judge whether it looks clean enough, big enough, or up‐to‐date enough to please them.  If it passes the subconscious test then we move to our seats.  Along the way we look for clearly marked entrances and exits and hope the people around us are friendly, but not too friendly.  We look to be amused and entertained, anticipating a good show.  If we laugh or cry, depending on the frequency of these emotions, we might recommend this movie to a friend.


The gathering of God’s people should never represent a movie. We were meant to be a movement and a culture.  Your soul cries out for more beauty, not more amusement.  Your soul expands when aggressively engaged in life, mission, loving, serving, praying, giving, and the sharing of your gifts; this moves the church!


I believe each person should experience the ultimate joy of a relationship with God.  I believe each person should be equipped to engage God for the sake of His mission.  I believe each person should cultivate a hunger and yearning to mature as His disciple.

What do I want you to discover here at Church LYFE?: 

     We want to be a place of eternity and not entertainment. 

     We want to be a place of love that extends from God and not of ourselves.

     We want to be a place of service to humanity and not serving our egos. 

     We want to be a place where you come see our God and not our building. 

     We want to be a place of eternal, everlasting joy.

     We want to be more than a church, but a way of life.

-Pastor Tim Jones

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