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[S3E6] Motel California

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[S3E6] Motel California

In present day, the Beacon Hills school bus pulls up at the Glen Capri Motel. Their cross country meet has been pushed until tomorrow and the Glen Capri was the closest motel with the most vacancies and least amount of good judgement when it comes to accepting a bunch of degenerate teenagers. Coach hands out room keys and warns everyone to restrict any sexual perversions and keep their hands to themselves.

Why is it that common sense is so uncommon on this show Another great question, how is it that no one managed to see or hear Boyd (Sinqua Walls) breaking the vending machine or breaking into the office and leaving with the vault in tow Or Isaac (Daniel Sharman) having a very loud, one-sided conversation before cowering under the bed Was it just me, or did the motel not look particularly large or well-constructed to the point of being sound proof

Coach: Listen up. The meet's been pushed till tomorrow. This is the closest motel with the most vacancies and least amount of good judgment when it comes to accepting a bunch of degenerates like yourselves. You'll be pairing up. Choose wisely. And I'll have no sеxual perversions perpetrated by you little deviants. Got that Keep your dirty little hands to your dirty little selves!

Receptionist: But we are number one in California when it comes to one disturbing little detail. Since opening, more than any other motel in California, we have the most guest suicides.

Chris: In 1977, my Uncle Alexander Argent checked into the Glen Capri motel for a one-night stay. In room 217, he used a shotgun to blow out the back of his skull. The autopsy report noted an unusual animal bite in his side.

Stranded at a motel for the night because of the postponed cross-country meet, Scott and the others suffer strange experiences that cause them to believe members of their own group may be the mysterious killer's newest targets.

The team takes refuge at an eerie motel for the night, where Scott and the gang undergo strange experiences. Boyd, Ethan, and Scott suffer various types of hallucinations that drive them to attempting suicide while Isaac is triggered into a PTSD flashback. All four Werewolves are saved by Stiles and Lydia. Lydia realizes that the Darach caused this to happen, intending to use the wolves as sacrifices. Meanwhile, Jennifer helps to heal Derek when the two have sex. Chris visits a wheelchair-bound Gerard to seek information regarding his uncle, who committed suicide in 1977, as he wanted to know which Alpha had bitten him. Gerard reveals that it was Deucalion.

I mean, look what else happened in this thing! Marty moves out of the house and into the same motel where Agent Miller is staying. Darlene Snell tries and fails to get the cartel to move her new shipment of dope despite having previously killed 57 people with a spiked shipment, then orders Sheriff Nix to no longer protect the Byrdes when the cartel (in the person of Helen) understandably refuses. Tommy, the asshole KC mobster, continues to sink his hooks into Erin Pierce, and challenges Jonah to a shooting contest that gets them all dragged into jail. 59ce067264


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