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Seraphim Lazarev

Red Ball 4 Hack For Lives All Levels Unlock

Red ball 4 mod apk (unlimited lives) is a famous arcade game that gives an opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of positive and logic, where you will have to pass many levels, collecting stars, and finding the safe path to your lover.

Red Ball 4 Hack for Lives All Levels Unlock

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is a web platform with thousands of users from around the world. The six main series games, the three red &amp blue balls games, and three other selections are available, with all of the levels unlocked. Only playable on desktop. More Information

Red Ball 4 has you travel through a series of levels that feature fairly simple platforming challenges, physics puzzles, and basic combat. Each chapter of the game constitutes one world and contains 15 levels, with the last one being a boss battle instead of a normal level. The goal of every level (minus boss levels) is simply to reach the end without getting killed by enemies or hazards. Some hazards only make you lose one health point, but others can kill you instantly. If you die, you get sent back to the most recent checkpoint you reached. In the Flash version and premium mobile version, this bears little consequence as there is no life limit; if playing the free mobile version, however, lives are capped at a maximum of 5 and you lose one every time you die. Lives regenerate every 15 minutes; if you run out of lives, you lose the level and can't play again until your lives regenerate.

There are six bosses that must be defeated in the Gauntlet; Durmite X, Kretin X, Wisdurm X, Bowser Memory MLX, Junker X, and Dark Star X. As you can probably tell, these are buffed versions of bosses fought during Mario and Luigi's part of the game; their respective X boss is unlocked upon their defeat, but in no way does that mean Mario and Luigi should go and fight it right away. All of these bosses have their base stats at least doubled, and you are given a preset limited item inventory, making them nearly impossible at lower levels without expert dodging techniques. To further add onto the pain, all battles have a set turn limit; if the battle goes over the number of turns allotted, you automatically lose. Luckily, instead of grinding for an arbitrary amount of time and hoping you're strong enough for the challenge, the Emoglobins within the Gauntlet just tell you what the recommended levels for each boss is. At or around these levels, the bosses aren't especially terrible; in fact, they're a pretty fair challenge at that point. They have rather disappointing rewards though, as every boss simply gives you coins... after taking away some of your own coins as a fee to fight them. What a smart idea. 350c69d7ab


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