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John Armstrong
John Armstrong

Buy Organic Turkey Near Me

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Buy Organic Turkey Near Me

Our turkeys are free ranging, kept outdoors on grass pasture and fed wholesome, organic grains, resulting in moist, flavorful turkey without the use of synthetic inputs, flavor additives or stimulants. The use of certified-organic grain along with the time and care it takes to raise turkeys outdoors on pasture means our turkeys are more expensive to produce, but you can take comfort knowing no antibiotics, no GMO grains and no synthetic chemicals are used to produce your food. USDA organic certification ensures third-party verification of our production practices and ultimately results in better health for you, your family and all the guests around the table.

Elmwood Stock Farm is involved with breed-conservation efforts for Narragansett and Slate heritage-breed turkeys and is one of the few farms in the country to produce heritage breed turkeys that are USDA certified organic.

We hatch our own heritage turkey poults on the farm. They emerge from their eggs in incubator, move to the brooder barn for a few weeks, and spend the rest of their time here on pasture. The young turkeys are a joy to watch and behave surprisingly different than their chicken cousins.

Some characteristics that distinguish these rare heritage turkeys from the broad-breasted variety are slower growth, more proportionate breasts to legs and the ability to naturally breed. They are naturally smaller birds with a slimmer, longer shape (not round, like grocery-store varieties that are bred for fast growth). There is a better balance between the dark meat and white meat, and the meat has a richer flavor. The skin may also be a different color than the near-transparent white of commercial birds, as skin color is related to feather color, and heritage breeds are beautifully feathered in a variety of bronze, black, brown, gray, white and red colors.

Broad-Breasted Bronze turkeys are similar in size and shape to a supermarket-purchased turkey, but the similarities end right there! Every Elmwood Stock Farm turkey is raised outdoors in our pastured system that provides a diet enriched by grasses, fresh air, adequate exercise and sunlight. Our bronze feathered turkeys free-range on fresh green grass or clover pastures supplemented with wholesome organic, non-GMO grains, resulting in moist, flavorful turkey.

FROZEN TURKEYS If your turkey is frozen, do not thaw it at room temperature. Place your packaged turkey on a tray in the refrigerator and allow 1 full day for every 4 pounds. If time is of the essence, you can use a cold-water method. Keep the turkey in its original packaging and place it in to a large container. Completely cover with cold water. Change the water every 30 minutes to keep the turkey chilled. Anticipate at least 30 minutes per pound.

STUFFING Do not stuff turkey until you are ready to place it in the oven. Stuff the turkey loosely. Be sure all meat products in the stuffing are thoroughly cooked before placing in the turkey.

COOKING THERMOMETERS We highly recommend the use of both oven and meat thermometers. Insert the meat thermometer into the breast of the turkey, NOT TOUCHING THE BONE. A reading of 173 F indicates the turkey is done.

POP-UP TIMERS Our turkeys come equipped with a pop up timer programmed to activate when the turkey reaches an internal temperature of 178 F. The timers are accurate, however, preparation methods such as brining, basting and deep frying can affect the mechanism. If it has not activated within hour of the scheduled roasting time, remove the turkey and check for doneness using a meat thermometer.

CARVING After removing the turkey from the oven, allow it to rest for at least 20-30 minutes before carving. Not only will the meat slice much easier, but this time will permit the juices to be absorbed evenly, resulting in a tender, more tasty turkey.

Moist and wonderful flavor. No one knew that I had changed organic turkey brands, but one bite had them asking. No tummy aches with the huge


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