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Art Raman
Art Raman

American University Life ~Welcome Week!~ Addons ^HOT^

Starting two months before arrival, we send a weekly Tip of the Week to all new students. These emails are meant to help prepare you for coming to the U.S. and adjusting to life at the University of Maryland. Look for them in your inbox.

American University Life ~Welcome Week!~ addons

Equal Opportunity CommitmentOakwood University is committed to providing equal opportunity for all qualified persons. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, gender, marital status, or handicap in the administration of its educational and admissions policies, financial affairs, employment policies and programs, student life and services, or any other college-administered program.Administrative Policy Manual1-Index2-Academic Affairs Section3-Financial Affairs Section4-General Administrative Section5-Provost Section6-Advancement & Development Section7-Student Enrollment Services Section8-Student Services Section9-Table of ContentsEnrollment StatisticsFall 2021 - Enrollment StatisticsFall 2020 - Enrollment StatisticsFall 2019 - Enrollment StatisticsFall 2018 - Enrollment StatisticsFall 2017 - Enrollment StatisticsFall 2016 - Enrollment StatisticsFall 2015 - Enrollment StatisticsFall 2014 - Enrollment StatisticsFall 2013 - Enrollment StatisticsFall 2012 - Enrollment StatisticsFall 2011 - Enrollment StatisticsFall 2010 - Enrollment StatisticsFall 2009 - Enrollment StatisticsFall 2008 - Enrollment StatisticsFall 2007 - Enrollment StatisticsFall 2006 - Enrollment StatisticsFact Book2012-2013 Fact Book2011-2012 Fact Book2010-2011 Fact Book2009-2010 Fact Book2008-2009 Fact Book2007-2008 Fact Book2006-2007 Fact Book2005-2006 Fact BookOakwood BulletinOakwood BulletinPresent and previous university bulletins.

As new members of our community, students and families will be welcomed into our big 'Phin Family with open arms. Join us for engaging conversations to learn about life at Le Moyne and what resources are available. These weekly Zoom webinars will take place throughout July and August.

Open House is an annual event that showcases Cal Poly's campus to new students and their supporters while offering a glimpse into life as a Mustang. During your visit, be sure to attend one of the following events for new parents and supporters. To view additional details about the weekend, visit the Open House website.

Throughout your life at UD, you may channel your passion to shape and uphold that same Blue Hen pride from within. You might apply to serve on the appellate board for Community Standards & Conflict Resolution, or to become an orientation leader just like the team that welcomed you here.

International Student Orientation is mandatory for all students holding F or J student visas. This orientation will address immigration and employment topics and introduce you to U.S. culture and university life. Please see the top of this page for International Student Orientation date, time, and location. 076b4e4f54


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