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Joseph and Andrea Patrick, our marriage ministry leaders are inviting you to a Summer of fun!

Honey bingo_1.jpg

Calling all married couples... The Marriage ministry is excited to announce a summer of fun. Starting June 1st, we are playing HONEY BINGO!!! Register TODAY to get your card emailed. The winning couple will get... well, you'll just have to register and play to see...


It's really simple to play and it doesn't cost a thing. Add you and your spouse to the list of players and let's see who wins.  We've got a lot of fun planned for this Summer.  Don't worry, it won't interfere with your Summer plans, just enhance them.


Each week a letter and a number will be emailed to you (and may be posted in our Facebook Group).  Each combination will be associated with something you and your spouse should do together.  The couple who completes their bingo card first WINS!!!


Register to learn more about those activities and the winning prize(s)!!


We're looking forward to the fun... Let the games begin!!

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