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VSCO Film Bundle (Pack 01-07) For ACR: A Review

VSCO Film Bundle (Pack 01-07) For ACR: A Review

VSCO Film Bundle (Pack 01-07) For ACR is a collection of presets and profiles for Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) that emulate the look and feel of various film stocks. VSCO Film Bundle includes seven packs of presets, each with a different theme and style. The packs are:

VSCO Film Bundle (Pack 01-07) For ACR

  • VSCO Film 01: Modern Films - Inspired by contemporary film makers and featuring clean, smooth and versatile films.

  • VSCO Film 02: Classic Films - Based on the most iconic and timeless films ever made, such as Kodak Portra, Fuji Superia and Ilford HP5.

  • VSCO Film 03: Instant Films - A tribute to the instant film era, with presets that mimic Polaroid, Fuji Instax and Impossible Project films.

  • VSCO Film 04: Slide Films - A collection of vibrant and colorful slide films, such as Kodak Ektachrome, Fuji Velvia and Agfa Scala.

  • VSCO Film 05: Archetype Films - A set of presets that represent the most popular and influential films in photographic history, such as Kodak Tri-X, Fuji Provia and Kodak Gold.

  • VSCO Film 06: Alternative Process Films - A creative and experimental pack that simulates cross processing, infrared and expired films.

  • VSCO Film 07: Eclectic Films - A diverse and unique pack that offers a range of films from different genres and eras, such as Kodak T-Max, Lomography Redscale and Fuji FP-100C.

VSCO Film Bundle (Pack 01-07) For ACR is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CC and CS6, as well as Adobe Lightroom CC, Classic CC, 6, 5 and 4. It requires Adobe Camera Raw 7 or higher to work. VSCO Film Bundle (Pack 01-07) For ACR comes with a detailed installation guide and a series of walkthrough videos that explain how to use the presets and profiles effectively. VSCO Film Bundle (Pack 01-07) For ACR also includes the VSCO Film Toolkit, which consists of additional tools for fine-tuning the presets, such as grain, fade, vignette and tone curve adjustments.

VSCO Film Bundle (Pack 01-07) For ACR is a great way to enhance your photos with the aesthetic and mood of film photography. Whether you want to create a modern, classic or artistic look, you can find a preset that suits your vision. VSCO Film Bundle (Pack 01-07) For ACR is available for purchase from the VSCO website[^1^] or from Google Drive[^2^] [^3^].To install the presets and profiles, you need to follow these steps:

  • Download the VSCO Film Bundle (Pack 01-07) For ACR from the VSCO website or from Google Drive .

  • Extract the zip file to a folder on your computer.

  • Open Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom and go to Edit > Preferences > Presets.

  • Click on the Show Lightroom Presets Folder button (for Lightroom) or the Show All Other Lightroom Presets button (for Photoshop).

  • Copy and paste the VSCO Film folder from the extracted zip file to the CameraRaw folder inside the Lightroom Presets folder.

  • Restart Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom.

  • You can now access the presets and profiles from the Presets panel in Adobe Camera Raw.

Here are some examples of photos edited with the presets and profiles from VSCO Film Bundle (Pack 01-07) For ACR:

OriginalVSCO Film 01 - Fuji 400H+VSCO Film 02 - Kodak Portra 160++

OriginalVSCO Film 03 - Polaroid 669++VSCO Film 04 - Fuji Velvia 50 Vibrant

OriginalVSCO Film 05 - Kodak Tri-X+VSCO Film 06 - Agfa Scala 200++

OriginalVSCO Film 07 - Lomography Redscale XR 50-200+



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