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How to Download and Install Waves Diamond Bundle 5.2 RTAS Plugins for Mac OS X

How to Download and Install Waves Diamond Bundle 5.2 RTAS Plugins for Mac OS X

Waves Diamond Bundle is a collection of 50 audio plugins for mixing, mastering, sound design, and audio restoration. It includes plugins from the Platinum, Restoration, and Transform bundles, as well as Q-Clone, Tune LT, L3 Multimaximizer, IR-L Convolution Reverb, and Linear Phase Multiband Compressor[^1^] [^5^]. If you want to enhance your audio production with these professional tools, here are the steps to download and install Waves Diamond Bundle 5.2 RTAS plugins for Mac OS X.

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Download File:

  • Go to and log in to your Waves account or create one if you don't have one[^2^].

  • Under Legacy Versions, find Waves Diamond Bundle 5.2 and click on Download for Mac OS X[^2^]. This will download a zip file containing the installer and the license file.

  • Extract the zip file and double-click on the installer file. Follow the instructions on the screen to install the plugins on your Mac. You will need to select a destination folder for the plugins and agree to the terms and conditions.

  • Once the installation is complete, you will need to activate the license file. To do this, open Waves License Center from your Applications folder and click on Select Licenses. Find Waves Diamond Bundle 5.2 and click on Activate[^2^]. You will need to connect a USB flash drive or an external hard drive to your Mac and select it as the target device for the license. This will allow you to use the plugins on any computer that has the same device connected.

  • Now you can use Waves Diamond Bundle 5.2 RTAS plugins with any compatible DAW (digital audio workstation) on your Mac OS X. To access the plugins, open your DAW and go to its preferences or settings menu. Find the option to scan or add new plugins and select the folder where you installed the Waves plugins. This will make them available in your DAW's plugin list.

Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded and installed Waves Diamond Bundle 5.2 RTAS plugins for Mac OS X. Enjoy using these powerful audio tools for your music production.Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of Waves Diamond Bundle 5.2 RTAS plugins for Mac OS X.

  • Use Q-Clone to capture the sound of any hardware equalizer and apply it to your audio tracks. Q-Clone lets you create custom EQ curves by sampling the frequency response of any external device. You can also use the Q-Clone library of presets to access the sound of classic analog EQs. To use Q-Clone, you need to connect the output of your hardware EQ to the input of your audio interface and vice versa. Then, insert Q-Clone on an audio track and click on Capture. This will record the EQ curve and store it in Q-Clone. You can then apply it to any other track by inserting Q-Clone and selecting the captured curve.

  • Use Tune LT to correct the pitch and intonation of vocal or instrumental tracks. Tune LT is a simplified version of Waves Tune that offers basic pitch correction and editing features. You can use Tune LT in real time or offline mode. In real time mode, you can adjust the speed, accuracy, and range of the pitch correction, as well as the amount of vibrato and formant preservation. In offline mode, you can edit the pitch curve of each note manually or automatically using the Snap to Scale option. To use Tune LT, insert it on a vocal or instrumental track and enable the plugin. You can then adjust the parameters or edit the pitch curve according to your preference.

  • Use L3 Multimaximizer to optimize the loudness and dynamics of your mixes or masters. L3 Multimaximizer is a multiband limiter that lets you control the level and frequency balance of your audio. You can use L3 Multimaximizer to increase the perceived loudness of your tracks without compromising their clarity or punch. You can also use L3 Multimaximizer to shape the tone and character of your audio by adjusting the threshold, gain, release, and shape of each frequency band. To use L3 Multimaximizer, insert it on a mix or master bus and enable the plugin. You can then choose a preset or customize the settings according to your desired loudness and sound quality.

These are just some examples of how you can use Waves Diamond Bundle 5.2 RTAS plugins for Mac OS X. There are many more plugins and features in this bundle that you can explore and experiment with. Have fun creating amazing audio with Waves Diamond Bundle 5.2 RTAS plugins for Mac OS X. 0efd9a6b88


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