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Xsan Command Line Options In High Sierra

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Xsan Command Line Options In High Sierra

The diskutil command contains many additional options that can allow you to work directly with any connected storage device, letting you mount, unmount, format, partition, and work with APFS containers and volumes. Attempting to unravel all of the capabilities of diskutil is beyond the scope of this article, however, you can learn more by entering the following at the Terminal prompt:

We highly recommend that if you intend to use diskutil commands to format, erase, repair, partition, or manipulate a storage device in any way, beyond just viewing a list of devices, or mounting a wayward volume, that you have a current backup of all storage devices as well as a good understanding of the diskutil options you are using. A wayward diskutil command line entry can result in a loss of data that may not be easy to recover from.

Unfortunately the setup isn't particularly trivial as it does require a bit of command line knowledge, but it wasn't too bad: I based the setup on the instructions for setting up strongSwan in Ubuntu provided by DigitalOcean, except that I:

Catalina Unus is a command line tool for running macOS Catalina on one HFS or APFS volume. It does this by using the BaseSystem.dmg file from Mojave, and making some changes to allow installing using this method and to resemble a Catalina installer. It then copies the template for the Catalina data volume to the system, and makes sure all data in the Recovered Files folder is moved back to the system. 1e1e36bf2d


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