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Windows Phone Support Tool 4.8 2345 [UPDATED] Download Skype


skype is the only application in the windows phone store that is free and comes with all the features required. although there are other free apps such as whatsapp, line, and facebook messenger, they are only free in some countries and not in others. skype is completely free and lets you call and video chat with anyone for free in any country. you will need to be connected to the internet to use skype and check your email, or for other activities. skype uses internet bandwidth and requires your phone to have a data plan. you can use wi-fi on windows 10 mobile for free when connected to a wi-fi hotspot. when you are using a wi-fi hotspot, you will be charged by the data plan that your hotspot has.

to do so, you will need to sign in to your microsoft account and create a skype account. once you have signed in, you will see a welcome to skype. the login information will be displayed in the windows phone settings menu. if you do not have a microsoft account, you can create one at .

the free version has limitations, like being unable to use skype on multiple devices at once. there are also some limitations on the number of contacts that are allowed to be in the list and it does not support screen recording. but most importantly, there is no option to call any phone number outside of the free trial.

the mobile version of skype is very popular. and it comes as no surprise that it remains as one of the top apps in the windows store. unfortunately, its presence in the store is not what it used to be. this version is no longer being optimized, so the apps performance has been negatively affected.  3d9ccd7d82


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