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Roland Mt 32 Soundfont UPD

Hi, I made a soundfont that uses MT-32's standard, so that one can run in standard DOSBox (without MUNT) games that support the MT-32 and not the GM, and get good sounds. Only problem is that you don't get the sound effects (just instruments), but it works well for games like Wizardry 7 or Realms of Arkania 1, and in general for games where you can choose a 2nd card for effects.

Roland Mt 32 Soundfont

The instruments are taken almost entirely from Emu's 8MBGM soundfont, with some missing samples taken from the A320U.sf2 that I found on the TiMidity++ installer, and that had a MT-32 bank. Now, I'd post a link if somebody is interested and if somebody tells me if it's legal (I'm wondering about the 8MBGM).

I don't need this soundfont, since i have a first-gen MT-32 connected to my pc, and MUNT installed on my laptop, but i'm still curious how it sounds. So please, upload it ? (I think the old Emu soundfonts are public domain now)

VirtualMIDISynth is a nice software General MIDI synthesizer based on BASSMIDI library, and it also uses soundfonts.Visit here to get more information and download the installer.The page also has links to some free soundfonts. FluidR3 soundfonts or SGM-V2.01 soundfonts are recommended regarding the size and quality.Additional programs are required to uncompress soundfonts file, check here. A large size soundfonts is also available at, for example Evanessence soundfonts (which is 1.7 GB !!!). It has richer sound but may cause lag due to the large size.

DOSBox-X provides a range of configuration options, but for most Linux systems you can get it up and running simply by installing a SoundFont, from the distro package manager, such as "fluid-soundfont-gm".

Adjust the path and filename to your SoundFont as necessary (e.g. "C:\DOSBox-X\GeneralUser_GS.sf2" instead of "C:\DOSBox-X\soundfonts\FluidR3_GM.sf2").When no soundfont is specified, DOSBox-X will try to open C:\soundfonts\default.sf2 if it exists. 350c69d7ab


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