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Dosbox Megabuild 6

Some SVN builds come packaged as a fully-functional DOSBox distribution, so you can simply unpack the archive into an empty folder and run it. Other builds contain only a custom dosbox executable binary (e.g. dosbox.exe) and possibly some supporting libraries, and require that you first install the latest official release of DOSBox and then unpack the SVN build over the top of it - replacing the release versions of the files with the SVN versions. Some developers also recommend regenerating your dosbox.conf configuration file so that you will see any new config options that have been added. Consult this forum thread for info on how to regenerate a config file.

Dosbox Megabuild 6

Please note that dosbox.conf is never manipulated in any way by DBGL, but DBGL does provide a button for launching a text-editor so you can manually edit the file. Changing the dosbox.conf settings is generally not recommended since its defaults are wisely chosen.But system-specific settings - such as the output setting - may be changed from the default if that works better for a particular videodriver/platform combination.

Upon running the profile, DOSBox is started with dosbox.conf as its 'base' settings file, together with [ID].conf containing overrides and autoexec commands to run the game, like so:DOSBox-0.74-3\DOSBox.exe -conf DOSBox-0.74-3\dosbox.conf -conf profiles\15.conf

DBGL supports setting custom environment variables to globally override certain DOSBox settings, such as dosbox_sdl_output=openglnb or sdl_video_centered=1.DBGL can log your actions.DBGL can export your list of games to a file, such as a plain TXT file, a basic .CSV or a fancy HTML page.

DBGL is written in Java. It uses SWT (Standard Widget Toolkit) for GUI rendering. The profile tiled layout is rendered using a special widgetcalled Nebula Gallery. Gif images are loaded using Kevin Weiner's GifDecoder (modified).DOSBox configuration data is stored in .conf files making it possible to start a profile without even using DBGL (dosbox -conf dosbox.conf -conf profiles\lemmings.conf). DBGL configuration settings are stored in settings.conf.All other data is stored in a single human-readable database (db/database.script) using HSQLDB.For reading the contents of ISO files and CUE/BIN file pairs, it makes use of the Loopy library (modified).FAT disk images are processed using Fat32-lib (modified).Communication with RESTful web services is handled using Jersey 2.To conclude, DBGL also uses commons-io, commons-lang and commons-text from the Apache Commons collection of general purpose libraries.

Also, learn the philosophy of 'virtual machines' - getting pure mounted drives to show up for a whole nother operating system to control is dangerous. The least you could do is use Hal's megabuild and get native IPX support going so you can network your way to your folder, at least

Ok, I've tried Windows 95 [4.00.950] but am still receiving the "fatal exception OE" error upon booting. When I close dosbox and attempt to re-boot [ie. again type "imgmount c c.img" followed by "boot c.img"], it gives me:

Thanks for the inspiration dada - finally managed to crack it. The error appears to have came from the fact that I had two copies of dosbox - one mounted as a .dmg file while another on the Macintosh HDD. Running the one from the hard-drive produced the error, while running dosbox.img would create a flawless Win95 install. Pretty strange, but there was probably some conflict between the two.

I'm scripting an automatic dosbox snapshot creation on SVN changes for OS X. Right now the universal binary can be downloaded from -Snapshot.dmg (the url might change in the future).Universal binary means it is for PPC and Intel Macs (only 32bit since 64bit Dosbox is much slower).No additional patches applied, a clean SVN built. 076b4e4f54


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