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Earl Moore

Back To Freedom 0.14 Update

Back To Freedom 0.14 Update >>>

First Steps/Prologue: The first few steps are pretty straight forward, as they are mostly there to let you introduce yourself to the characters and visit some places. After these four steps you'll be free to begin taking other routes and options, at the moment I only have another alternative route 1) Talk with Sam, the third time you visit him he will let you know about a site you'll have to visit 2) Visit that site Sam mentioned, you'll unlock the possibility to watch Hypnosis videos 3) Watch the videos enough times until the MC gets a little worried about them and decides to ask some questions on the site previously mentioned 4) After asking those questions you'll get the first very important choice of the game a) Chickening out, which means you'll get the freedom on trying out other routes ( such as the "Mistress Route", and "Noah's Enslaving Route" at the moment)b) Replying to the offer, which will lock you on the first route of the game ( the "master route" ) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Starting the Mistress Route 1) You'll have to meet Katie at College, you'll have the opportunity to do so on Thursdays and Fridays, and also to talk to her on those same days. 2) Keep talking to Katie, the fourth time you talk to her she should invite you over to her house( If she isn't interested, it's because you need to do the "First Steps/Prologue" first, I'll add an option to skip it in future updates if necessary ) 3) After that you should be given the option to accept her as Mistress, at the time, the only option is to accept, and if you are already on the "Master route", she won't be able to own you, and instead, she'll just be a friend ( Expanding on this latter part will be added on future updates ) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Starting the Noah's Enslaving Route 1) You'll be able to visit Noah on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Visit him and in the fourth visit, the MC will get an idea about how to pull a plan to enslave Noah 2) After visiting Noah enough times, check a new option on your PC to research 3) After that you'll be able to visit the Red Light District, in search for a Chastity cage, you will also need to visit the pharmacy and buy Sleep pills Notes: If you start the "Mistress Route" before this one, you won't be able to enslave Noah. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Starting the Alone/Self-TF Route

The game is alright. While not the best game out there, it's still a good one that's worth experiencing if you're looking for a non-sandbox sissy/feminization game. It's held back by a handful of problems that I hope get solved someday. I hope the dev returns to deliver an update, because what is here is already pretty good, and I hope to see more. 781b155fdc


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