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This week's lesson continues our study of the Armor of God and focuses on the Shield of Faith. Sometimes we sin because Satan finds that little weakness in our armor and aims well. The Shield of Faith moves to cover those weaknesses when we don’t have the knowledge or strength to face a situation. Our shield will never fail because God is always faithful to us. Can't wait to read your responses to this week's question.

Valerie Hughes
Valerie Hughes
Nov 01, 2020

Kelsie - what a smart response! You are SO right. His arrows are a metaphor but they can inflict pain and wound us as it they were real weapons. I love the way you see how the pieces of armor work together to provide us with protection. ANYTHING that Jesus wouldn’t do is a snare for us and a potential opportunity for Satan to do damage. The great question is WWJD? And our response to it. If Jesus wouldn’t do it, then neither should we. Great thinking, Kelsie.



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