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What is Inpho ApplicationsMaster and How to Use It?

What is Inpho ApplicationsMaster and How to Use It?

Inpho ApplicationsMaster is a software suite that provides photogrammetry workflows for transforming aerial images into accurate point clouds, surface models, orthophoto mosaics and 3D features. It is developed by Trimble Geospatial, a leading provider of geospatial solutions for mapping and surveying professionals.

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In this article, we will introduce the main features and benefits of Inpho ApplicationsMaster, as well as the steps to use it for your photogrammetry projects.

Features and Benefits of Inpho ApplicationsMaster

Inpho ApplicationsMaster consists of several modules that can be used as a complete system or as individual components that integrate easily into any photogrammetric production workflow. The modules include:

  • MATCH-AT: A market-leading software for precise aerial image triangulation with exceptional performance. It can handle image blocks of any size, overlap or geometry, and offers complete camera calibration, robust bundle-adjustment and thorough quality assessment. It can also exclude water areas using shape files for more accurate results.

  • OrthoMaster: A professional software for high-quality ortho-rectification of digital aerial frames, pushbroom or satellite imagery. It can generate true orthophotos for both single images and complete image blocks, using classic rectification methods or resampling from a colorized 3D point cloud.

  • OrthoVista: A market-leading software for creating orthomosaics with perfect homogeneity, even for multi-channel imagery. It can adjust and combine thousands of orthophotos from any source into seamless, color-balanced and geometrically correct orthomosaics without any necessary subdivision.

  • MATCH-3DX: A software for generating dense point clouds, 3D attributes and features from image blocks using Semi Global Matching (SGM) techniques. It can also create true orthophotos that are directly related to the surface height, simplifying mapping and the overlay of GIS data.

Inpho ApplicationsMaster offers several benefits for photogrammetry users, such as:

  • Compatibility: Inpho ApplicationsMaster is compatible with state-of-the-art photogrammetric camera systems from Trimble, Leica, Vexcel, IGI, Phase One, and others. It can also process imagery from drones and satellites.

  • Quality: Inpho ApplicationsMaster delivers consistent and accurate results that meet the highest standards of photogrammetry. It uses state-of-the-art photogrammetry and remote sensing techniques that have been pioneered and refined by Trimble over 40 years of experience.

  • Performance: Inpho ApplicationsMaster is designed to handle large-scale projects with high efficiency and speed. It can leverage multi-core processing and GPU acceleration to optimize performance and reduce processing time.

  • Versatility: Inpho ApplicationsMaster can support a wide range of applications and industries that require photogrammetry solutions, such as mapping, surveying, engineering, construction, mining, agriculture, forestry, environmental monitoring, disaster management, cultural heritage preservation and more.

How to Use Inpho ApplicationsMaster

To use Inpho ApplicationsMaster for your photogrammetry projects, you need to follow these steps:

  • Download and install Inpho ApplicationsMaster: You can download the current version of Inpho ApplicationsMaster from the Trimble Geospatial website[^1^]. You need to fill out a form to get the download link. You also need a valid license to run the software in non-restricted mode. Demo mode (no license) is partially available and is restricted regarding any output.

  • Create a project: You can create a new project in Inpho ApplicationsMaster by selecting File > New Project. You need to specify the project name, location, coordinate system and image format. You can also import an existing project from another software or format.

Add images: You can add images to your project by selecting Project > Add Images. You need to select the source folder where your images are stored. You can also add metadata files that contain information e0e6b7cb5c


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