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Facebook Apk Free Download For Android 4.1.2 WORK

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android 4.1 introduces a new application framework called workmanager, which allows you to create so-called background services that run in the background, unaffected by user activity. you can make use of such services to manage some of the time-consuming or lengthy tasks that your app might need to perform, such as performing an image processing task over the network when a user's taken a picture or pulling data from the cloud when a user's sent a message.

for example, you might have a timer that counts down to a user-defined time, or a service that accesses a cloud api periodically to check if a message was received. to take advantage of this, you must first declare that a certain background activity in your app is either a background service, a periodic service or a foreground service, and then let your manifest specify the behavior you want. you can then use the workmanager apis to control what background work your app might perform, and how often, when it is supposed to run.

other apis in android 4.1 offer developers even greater control over background tasks, such as user management services, which help you provide device credentials or manage user permissions. you can also use android's external storage apis to provide public or private storage space, which you can use to store personal or proprietary information, such as contacts or photos, even if you don't have the ability to store them directly on the device's internal storage.

for example, if you detect that a device's battery level is dropping below a certain threshold, you could let users opt to either allow your app to move their photos and contacts to external storage to ensure they won't be lost, or to wait until their phone needs to be rebooted to transfer their content to external storage. 3d9ccd7d82


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