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[S6E14] Not Easy To Love


[S6E14] Not Easy To Love

I have one of those rather large Aztec Rain Sticks, bought in Mexico City- As someone who speaks spanish, loved all the spanish spoken by all the actors- Great Job Also! Enjoyed the script and Loved All The Densi!

Kevin and Sophie's connection did hit a wee bit of a snag that night in his hotel room. As they were, um, re-familiarizing themselves with each other, she suddenly second-guessed everything, worried that he was in love with a past version of her, and bailed out of the room. A Hail Mary conversation with Cassidy set him straight again, while Sophie listened to an impactful speech from Rebecca (Mandy Moore), who even in an episode of dementia had some wise words to dispense. And so this childhood couple found their way back to each other (again), with Sophie challenging Kevin to love her for who she is now, not then. But speaking of then, Kevin went all final-act rom-com and produced a weathered grade-school valentine to Sophie from the recesses of his wallet.

I can speak for me and I can speak for the writers as a whole: For me, Sophie was always the endgame. For us as a whole, there was a push and pull. There was a short list. There were times where we were open to the idea that maybe Kevin is going fall for somebody else and that's okay. But just imagine that all these writers are Kevin's hardheaded libido, right There were times when it was like, "Well, maybe it's Cassidy!' 'Maybe it's Madison!' 'Maybe it's someone totally different!'" The way that anyone is when they are on the search for their true love. You have moments of doubt and moments of confusion, and we as a group were on that journey with Kevin. But even though, yes, there was a short list, deep down most of us were gunning for Sophie. There were some outliers and there were some people that were like, "No, no, no," but I think deep down they knew that was the way it was going to go. We're all with Kevin on this journey.

Yeah, there definitely was the issue of "Not everybody ends up with their childhood sweetheart or their high school sweetheart." So that was a con. But then we looked at what we have, and we thought, "Well, we've got Madison and him. That's interesting." But it felt more exciting and interesting that these two people go on this journey together and they are co-parents. She says in episode 10, "I'll always be your emergency contact." They really do love each other and they're great co-parents, and they're not in love and that's okay. It never really felt for us that that was the endgame. There were moments where maybe it would've been, but we were like, "I just don't really feel it." And then with Cassidy, it was like, "Oh, this could also be something maybe, but ultimately can Kevin have a girl as a friend" That might be more important to be able to show that. Every woman that he ever meets becomes his girlfriend. That was what we felt was a stronger way to go.

Which is the point that Sophie makes to Kevin, when she says that this needs to be a new beginning and a different relationship than what they had before: You have to love me for who I am now and who we can be now.

I told a story in the writers' room about my grandmother, who was senile in a much older age. One of the last coherent conversations we had before she started to really lose her memory was about two guys I was dating. She, for the last seven years of her life, would say, "Are you still trying to decide between the two guys" And it would be so funny because somehow the conversation and the advice that she would give me for that was still so resonant. So that was a theme that we were playing with, that she can still be helpful in this way and be wise this way, even though she thinks she's in another time. And as you said, some things are just timeless, and this love story, it is. That's another reason why we couldn't help it. They had to be together.

Once a happy carefree girl with a passion for horses - which was encouraged by her father Henry - Regina was constantly put down and punished by her mother Cora, who wanted Regina to marry someone with wealth and power, something Cora never maintained. However, Regina has her own visions of the near future and is secretly in a relationship with the stable boy, Daniel. One day, Regina saves a young girl on a runaway horse, only to discover that the girl is the king's daughter, Snow White. In return, King Leopold proposes to Regina, and she finds herself in a forced marriage when Cora accepts for her. Regina and Daniel plan on running away together, but when Snow sees them together, she eventually tells Cora who confronts them both and rips Daniel's heart out before killing him. Cora tells Regina that love is weakness, and that all she needs is power.

Fearing that she will become like Cora and seek revenge against Snow, Regina summons Cora's old mentor Rumplestiltskin, who gives Regina a magic looking-glass. The next day, Regina's wedding day, Cora visits Regina before the wedding and advises her to be the dominant ruler in the marriage and show the people where the power lies. However, Regina says that she doesn't want to become like Cora, and pushes her mother through the looking-glass, sending her to Wonderland. Ironically, Regina - who discovers that she enjoys using magic - becomes just like Cora. Regina learns dark magic from Rumplestiltskin, and eventually embraces her dark side. She arranges Leopold's demise, then she attempts to have Snow assassinated. Snow becomes a bandit on the run and Regina is labelled as the Evil Queen all across the Enchanted Forest. Regina accepts the title of Evil Queen, and continues hunting down Snow White with the intent of avenging Daniel. Regina eventually manages to obtain an apple with a sleeping curse embedded in it, and gets Snow to take a bite out of it, causing Snow to fall into a sleep-like death. Regina believes that she has won, until Snow's true love Prince David breaks the sleeping curse with true love's kiss. This pushes Regina to the point where she then casts the Dark Curse, that engulfs most of the Enchanted Forest, sending everyone to a town called Storybrooke.

Regina becomes mayor of Storybrooke. Everybody fears her, but Regina is the only person in town who remembers her past life in the Enchanted Forest, apart from Jefferson. However, Regina has a void in her heart caused by the curse, which she realizes will only be filled with a child. Regina manages to adopt a child, and names him Henry, after her own father who she had to kill in order to unleash the Dark Curse. Ten years later, Henry runs away and brings his biological mother Emma Swan to Storybrooke. Not only does Regina respond negatively and threatens Emma multiple times when she decides to stay in Storybrooke, when she finds out that Emma is the daughter of Snow and David, and therefore the saviour, she fears that the curse will be broken. Regina also tries to frame Snow for the apparent murder of Kathryn Nolan until it is discovered that Kathryn is still alive. In an attempt to stop Emma breaking the curse, she uses the poisoned apple and makes an apple turnover out of it, giving it to Emma. However, Henry eats it instead so that Emma will believe him about the curse, and falls under the curse. When Regina realizes and regrets this, she teams up with Emma to retrieve a potion that could save Henry's life. They obtain the potion from a dragon that lives underneath Storybrooke, but then Rumplestiltskin steals the potion and Henry supposedly dies. Regina and Emma rush to the hospital, but when Emma kisses Henry on the forehead it breaks both the sleeping curse and the dark curse. Regina retreats back to her house, but not before telling Henry that despite what people may tell him, she does love him.

Rumplestiltskin uses the potion to bring magic to Storybrooke. Although Regina struggles with using magic, it eventually comes back to her with a little help from her mother's spellbook. When Dr. Whale manages to bring Daniel back as some sort of undead monster, Regina is forced to confront her old love and put him out of his misery, watching Daniel die once more. Despite she and Rumplestiltskin taking precautions, Cora arrives in Storybrooke, and manipulates Regina into helping her locate the Dark One's dagger so that Cora can kill Rumplestiltskin and become the Dark One herself. However, after Rumplestiltskin himself convinces Snow White to poison Cora's disembodied heart, Snow in turn convinces Regina to return Cora's heart to her body, claiming that it will make Cora love Regina more. Regina does this, but with the poison now inside Cora's body, Regina watches her mother die in her arms, and once again vows revenge against Snow. She rips Snow's heart out, but then notices that Snow's heart is starting to darken due to Snow's act of pure malice, and returns it to her. When Henry is taken by Tamara and Greg - the latter of whom Regina tried to kidnap when he was a child - Regina goes with Emma, Snow, David, Rumplestiltskin and Captain Hook to Neverland, where Henry has been taken.

The third Dark Curse returns everyone back to Storybrooke, where even Regina doesn't have her memories of the past year. Many townsfolk suspect that Regina cast the curse, but Regina tries to make a memory potion which regains their trust. Unfortunately, the memory potion is destroyed by Zelena, who then eventually challenges Regina to a battle at sundown. Regina and Zelena face off, with Zelena easily defeating Regina. However, when Zelena tries to rip out Regina's heart, she discovers that Regina took her own heart out before facing Zelena. It is revealed that Zelena wants Regina's heart, David's courage, Rumplestiltskin's brain and Snow's unborn baby to activate a time-travel spell so that she can have Regina's life, and everything she never had. However, Regina manages to use light magic in order to defeat Zelena, and removes Zelena's pendant, therefore rendering Zelena powerless. However, Regina refuses to kill Zelena, instead giving her a second chance. Regina also begins a relationship with Robin Hood, who is revealed by Tinker Bell to be Regina's true love. Zelena is eventually killed by Rumplestiltskin, but Regina and the others end up believing it was suicide. 59ce067264


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