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When is the right time to gift Matching Couple Rings?

Incorporating powerful symbolism, the rings are a gift that is rich in emotions. The ring is not an ordinary present. It is usually given to someone you love. It's not always obvious which time to give an engagement ring.

Find out when to give the girl rings.

When and why to give a woman an engagement ring?

Offered as a token of love The ring is an ideal gift for a woman. Also, it comes in many different forms. There are no set rules in the gift of a ring. It can be given for various occasions, such as the anniversary of a relationship and engagement, celebrating the year of marriage and more.

In fact, the first year of marriage is a remarkably symbolic moment for couples. It's a time of dedication, love, and loyalty. A ring is a wonderful way to mark the date for life. Of course, this can be used for 2 years, 3 years or even 5 years of relationship.

What ring to give to a woman?

The event will determine the ring you choose. French customs encourage people to select simple rings for women's birthday, as well as diamond-set rings for an engagement or wedding. Naturally, the choice of ring depends above all on the tastes of the woman to whom you'd like to present the diamond.

You're celebrating an important moment in your relationship, however you're not married. We recommend that you choose an elegant ring made of 18 carat or 925/1000 silver. Maison Arthus Bertrand offers a vast selection of elegant and romantic rings for all styles and tastes.

This can be a great occasion to propose. In this situation you'll be more inclined to choose an engagement ring.

When to give an engagement ring?

The engagement typically takes place between 6 and 12 months prior to the wedding. However it's not a absolute rule: you may give the engagement ring whenever you want.

It is suggested to plan the engagement in advance for a wedding that will take place during the fall or summer. In reality, the process of planning the ceremony takes a long time.

What is the most beautiful engagement ring?

The choice of your engagement ring can be an important decision. It's a symbol of love and commitment. It is determined by the individual's tastes and style. There are a lot of options readily available.

If you are unsure of what you're looking for, the diamond solitaire is an extremely sought-after piece of jewelry.

Diamonds symbolize the love of life and eternality Two virtues that blend beautifully and sum up the idea behind engagement. This ring is sophisticated and romantic. It will be the symbol of your love.

When is the best time to give women an engraved ring?

The ring with the signet is not only for males. It can also be worn by women. In this case you can give it as a gift to express your love or as a birthday present.

The women's signature ring can be made in white, yellow, gold, silver or even vermeil. The ranges are very varied to accommodate all fashions.

Maison Arthus Bertrand also offers half signet rings that can be put together to create a unique design.


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