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The Borgias Season 2 Complete 720p Subtitles Torrentl

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The Borgias Season 2 Complete 720p Subtitles Torrentl

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The Borgias Season 2: A Riveting Drama of Power and Passion

The Borgias is a historical drama series that follows the rise and fall of the notorious Borgia family, who ruled the papacy and Italy in the late 15th and early 16th centuries. The series stars Oscar winner Jeremy Irons as Rodrigo Borgia, the cunning and charismatic patriarch who becomes Pope Alexander VI, and his ruthless sons Cesare (FranÃois Arnaud) and Juan (David Oakes), and his seductive daughter Lucrezia (Holliday Grainger).

The second season of The Borgias picks up where the first season left off, as Rodrigo faces threats from his enemies both inside and outside the Vatican. He must deal with the King of France (Michel Muller), who invades Italy to avenge the death of his son by Juan; the rebellious preacher Savonarola (Steven Berkoff), who denounces his corruption and immorality; and the scheming Cardinal Della Rovere (Colm Feore), who plots to overthrow him with the help of a poisoned apple. Meanwhile, Cesare becomes a ruthless military leader and a conflicted lover, as he falls for both his sister Lucrezia and his married mistress Ursula (Ruta Gedmintas). Lucrezia, on the other hand, must cope with the loss of her lover Paolo (Luke Pasqualino) and the pressure of another political marriage, this time to Alfonso of Aragon (Sebastian de Souza). Juan, however, spirals into madness and addiction, as he struggles to live up to his father's expectations and his brother's achievements.

The Borgias Season 2 is a captivating and compelling drama that explores the dark and decadent world of Renaissance Italy, where ambition, lust, violence, and intrigue are the norm. The series boasts a stellar cast, a lavish production design, a rich historical accuracy, and a gripping plot that keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats. The Borgias Season 2 is available in complete 720p resolution with subtitles on torrent sites for download.The second season of The Borgias consists of 10 episodes that aired from April 8 to June 17, 2012 on Showtime. The season follows the intrigues and conflicts of the Borgia family and their enemies, as they deal with the consequences of their actions in the first season. Some of the highlights of the season include:

The Borgia Bull: Rodrigo faces a French invasion led by King Charles VIII, who seeks revenge for the death of his brother by Juan. He also discovers some scandalous paintings in the Vatican that inspire him to revive the ancient Roman bacchanalia.

Paolo: Lucrezia's lover Paolo arrives in Rome to see her and their son, but he is murdered by Juan, who tries to cover up his crime. Rodrigo's mistress Giulia Farnese and his friend Vittoria Colonna take him on a tour of Rome's poor and suffering people.

The Beautiful Deception: Lucrezia is devastated by Paolo's death and suspects Juan's involvement. She also learns that she is betrothed to Alfonso d'Este, the son of the Duke of Ferrara. Cesare leads a papal army to stop the French advance and captures Savonarola, a rebellious friar who preaches against the pope.

Stray Dogs: Cesare vows to avenge the massacre of Ursula Bonadeo and her nuns by the French soldiers. He also meets Niccolà Machiavelli, a Florentine diplomat and philosopher who admires his pragmatism. Rodrigo tries to secure an alliance with Caterina Sforza, the Lady of ForlÃ, who refuses to submit to him.

The Choice: Cesare travels to Forlà to persuade Caterina Sforza to join the pope's coalition against France. He is captivated by her beauty and courage, but she rejects his advances. Rodrigo pressures Lucrezia to accept her marriage to Alfonso d'Este, promising her a divorce if she is unhappy. 9160f4acd4


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