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John Armstrong
John Armstrong

Xash3D Android Half Life

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Before attempting to start Lambda1VR you need to do the following: Install the latest Lambda1VR version from the desktop SideQuest application Create a folder on the root of your Quest's internal memory called "xash" (You will need to connect your Quest via a USB cable and enable MTP to do this). Locate the install of half-life on your PC, if installed from Steam then it will be somewhere like C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamApps/common/HalfLife/ Copy the entire folder "valve" to the newly created "xash" folder on the Quest (This will take a long time). I recommend doing this via standard Windows Explorer rather than SideQuest. PC Users only: (optional - but recommended) Copy the contents of the valve_hd folder into the valve folder now on your Quest (this gives you some nicer models - worth it in my opinion for enemy models) - does not work with Mac files for some reason.

Mac Users: Do not copy across the hd textures - this for some reason causes the game not to work Application crashes when you complete the Hazard Course No way to enter text at the moment Positional tracking doesn't really work on multi-player servers (unless you run your own server and set the following cvar: sv_accelerate 10000), it sort of works if you hold down the "run" trigger, but it isn't very good Lambda1VR will crash if you haven't copied the half-life game assets to the right location, no warning, just crash Complaint when you exit that the app did not shutdown properly (or crashed or something).. since you are quitting this wasn't considered serious enough to hold up the release, but will be fixed in a future update

Edit: Just found the comment that you replied to about this. so sorry about the repeat question. However this is a guide about running half-life with xash3d so i'd think it would be a good idea to include instructions for installing XashXT on this guide as well? 781b155fdc


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