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As we look around our world today, we see so many examples of people NOT being kind. As a result, I am on a mission to encourage kids to be kinder. It won’t happen overnight, but we really need to spend more time talking about, showing examples of, and creating different scenarios where they could be kind or show more kindness.

Being kind isn’t something simple to explain to our kids.

Because it’s not one thing. It’s many things.

It’s how you treat other people when no one is looking.

It’s treating others the way you want to be treated.

It’s doing something for someone without expecting something in return.

Because kindness is:

being helpful,

being considerate,

being mindful of others,

being an “includer”,

and being a good friend.

So, for our upcoming Zoom Meet, we will begin this journey into kindness. Kindness shows God in action. It makes our world a better place. AND because kindness is contagious, one small act of kindness or one smile can ripple into other kind actions.

To accompany this journey, you will receive a Kindness Kit. It contains many opportunities to help us experience and express kindness. Here is the content of the kit:


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